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Cosmic Cardboard Scratchers with Catnip
Cosmic Cardboard Scratchers with Catnip
Cats with claws and without absolutely love sinking their claws or kneading their paws into these corrugated cardboard scratchers. All include loose catnip to sprinkle inside.
Style # 2297066A

Sprinkle some Cosmic Scratcher Blend Catnip included into the grooves of these Cardboard Scratchers and watch your cats come running They love the feel of the corrugated cardboard surfaces, and you'll love the fact that they save your furniture, carpeting, drapes and other household items from scratching damage. Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratching Post Catnip treated cardboard scratching block inclined for climbing & stretching Cardboard has long been recommended as an economical scratcher that trains the cat away from rugs and furniture. It has holes to allow the cat to sink his claws into the scratcher instead of the furniture to clean his claws. As an extra bonus, inside the hole in the back lives a carpet mouse, suspended in mid air for your cat's pleasure. All you need to do is remove the plastic cover, and freshen the block with the included Cosmic Scratcher Blend Catnip. Can be reversed when showing signs of wear, and refill scratchers are also available. Approximate Dimensions 20 L x 8½ W x 10 H at the peak. Alpine Scratcher includes two ½ oz. packets of Cosmic Scratcher Blend Catnip. Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Scratching Post Extra big size for that heavy duty scratcher Simple but effective cat scratching post made of layers of corrugated cardboard. May be used vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. Helps prevent damage to furniture while making your cat or kitten happy. The scratcher block is reversible for longer life. Approximate Dimensions 19½ L x 9 W x 1¾ H. Double Wide Scratching Post includes one ½ oz. packet of Cosmic Scratcher Blend Catnip. Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher Replacement Kit A two pack of cardboard scratchers to refill your Cosmic Alpine Scratcher. Also comes with two 1/2 oz packs of catnip.

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Cosmic Catnip Scratching Post
Catnip scratching
A feline favorite design, with the irresistible lure of Cosmic Catnip sprinkled in the grooves. Includes a packet of fresh catnip.
SKU # 1821525
PetSmart Charities Pet Carrier
Petsmart charities pet carrier
Collapsible cardboard carrier works well as a temporary carrier for quick trips to the vet or groomer.
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