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Coralife Actinic 03 Blue Lamp - 24
Coralife Actinic 03 Blue Lamp 24
Actinic blue spectrum lamps are perfect for bringing out the natural colors of marine fish and plants.
Style # 2297066A

The Coralife Actinic 03 Blue lamp is a 100% blue actinic 03 phosphor that peaks at 420 nanometers. True Actinic 03 output in the violet range stimulates many pigments in organisms such as coral, fish and invertebrates, causing them to fluoresce in beautiful, glowing colors. Its spectrum resembles that of the absorption peak of chlorophyll a which is the most important pigment found in plant cells. Rugged construction for dependable long life. Rapid start lamp fits all compatible standard and electronic ballasts. Ideal for saltwater, reef and freshwater aquariums. Specifications 360 degree output 24 inch 20 Watt 1 1/2 dia. T12 Fluorescent.

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Slimline Aquatic Fixtures
Slimline fixtures
These fixtures offer high-quality Coralife fluorescent lighting in a convenient, ready-to-use configuration.
SKU # 5062889
Coralife Aqua Tongs
Aqua tongs
Strong and durable tongs for grasping a variety of objects from your aquarium. Stainless steel construction prevents rusting. Safe and easy-to-use.
SKU # 5074497
Coralife Mini Compact Fluorescent 50/50 Lamps
Mini compact
Mini-Compact fluorescent lamps are designed to be used where space is limited and powerful lighting is desired.
SKU # 5095181
CORALIFE Liquid Gold Pro Plus?
Liquid gold pro plus
Contains over 200 ingredients including amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, stable Vitamin C, complex organic nutrients, major essential elements and many other additives required for growth by fishes, corals and invertebrates.
SKU # 5095185
Coralife Salt Creep Eliminator
Salt creep
Corrosion blockers and rust inhibitors eliminate salt creep and protect your equipment from salt damage.
SKU # 5074504
Coralife Deluxe Series Aqualight Double Linear Strip Fixture and Lamps
Fixture lamps
Sleek fluorescent lamp fixture and lighting for saltwater, reef, and freshwater aquariums.
SKU # 5062972
CORALIFE Reef Stimulator?
Reef stimulator
Provides a balanced mixture of chemical elements, which become depleted from saltwater and reef aquaria.
SKU # 5095184
Coralife Trap'Em
The fast, efficient way to trap and remove bristle worms from any reef aquarium.
SKU # 5037741
Coralife Scientific Grade Marine Salt
Scientific grade
Ensure the total absence of phosphates and nitrates.
SKU # 2431418
Deep Six Hydrometer from Coralife
Deep six hydrometer
Designed so you can take samples at a depth of six inches, without having to submerge your hands in water. Accurate to +/- 0.001 specific gravity.
SKU # 2431419
CORALIFE Marine Tank Clarifier?
Marine tank clarifier
Keeps marine reef and fish only tanks sparkling clean. Combines with unsightly particulate matter for easy removal by filtration to make the tank sparkle.
SKU # 5095200
CORALIFE Pure-Flo II(tm) Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Accessories
Pure flo tm premium
Generates purified water for aquarium use. The unit removes hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and many other tap water impurities.
SKU # 5095183
Coralife Marine Tank Clarifier
Marine clarifier
Easy to use liquid keeps marine tanks algae free. Contains no nitrates or phosphates.
SKU # 5037718
Coralife Marine Tank Clarifier
Marine clarifier
A safe, effective way to make your marine reef and fish only tanks sparkle .
SKU # 5074495
Coralife Electronic Ballast (T-12)
Electronic ballast
Energy efficient Electronic Ballast uses 35% less energy than magnetic ballasts. This 2-lamp ballast is ready to install, just add bulbs (not included).
SKU # 5037848
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