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Chuckit! Plush Indoor Boomerang
Chuckit! Plush Indoor Boomerang
Developed for interactive indoor game time, the Chuckit! Boomerang is bound to become your playful pooch's favorite toy.
Style # 2297066A

When the weather doesn't allow for outdoor playtime bring the fetching fun inside With the Chuckit Plush Boomerang the options are endless, the fun is everlasting You can play fetch, hide and seek more details bellow , or make up your own game for endless hours of interactive fun. Playtime Tips Begin with fetch and shout Chuckit to get the action started. Watch out for obstacles, as the action gets fast and furry ious. Next, try hide and seek. Put your pooch in the stay position get assistance, if required. Hide the toy in a nearby spot. Then shout Chuckit to get the game started. When your canine pal finds it, lavish plenty of good dog praise. As your buddy gets better, hide the toy farther and farther away, in more challenging positions. Eventually, your dog will be able to find it just about anywhere. Always supervise your pet and discard this toy if damaged. Made in Vietnam.

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