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Choobles Beef Pizzles
Choobles Beef Pizzles
Choobles Beef Pizzles offer your dog an all natural change of pace in chew treats.
Style # 2297066A

If you haven't given your dog pizzles, you don't know what he's missing Choobles Beef Pizzles are a canine favorite because of their rich, meaty flavor and distinctive chewy texture. They contain no artificial flavors, colors or additives and will quickly become a favorite for those times your dog wants a flavorful, long lasting chew. Chews Wisely Chew products can be used safely and are an important component of a pet's dental care. Chew products also satisfy a dog's natural inclination for gnawing and chewing. When selecting a chew product for your pet, know your pet's chewing habits and make sure the product is the appropriate size and made of an appropriate material or ingredient. For example, a large dog that has a tendency to chew and swallow large pieces should only be offered a large bone with medium to hard density that is digestible. Likewise, a small dog or puppy should also be offered size appropriate chews that are of a softer material. Pet parents should always observe their pets when offered a new chew for the first time. If the pet is able to chew off and swallow large pieces, that chew is not appropriate for that pet. Pet parents should monitor what and how their pets chew regardless of the type or brand of chew or toy. It is possible for a pet to choke on anything that is swallowed whole.

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