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CaribSea Aragonite Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand
CaribSea Aragonite Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand
The ideal substrate for marine, reef or African Cichlids.
Style # 2297066A

The ideal substrate for marine, reef or African Cichlids. Ideal for deep beds, plenum systems, reef or fish tank bottom cover. Removes nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and other wastes. Unsurpassed buffering capability keep more fish and invertebrates healthier, longer. Maximum surface area up to 10,000 square inches of surface area per cubic inch. High uniformity coefficient prevents biofouling. Supports the proper pH of seawater 8.2 with the fastest reaction time. Precision grading and enhanced internal surface area allows CaribSea Aragonite to deliver more calcium, carbonate buffer and essential trace elements than any other substrate. Creates a natural biological balance to discourage nuisance algae growth. Available in the ideal grain sizes approximately 1 2 mm for reef tanks, fish aquarium, plenum systems and refugiums. Pure aragonite no tar, harmful organics or impurities. Never needs replacement works with the natural bacteria to enhance performace over the full life of the system. Ready to use, minimal rinsing required. Elements provided by Aragonite calcium Ca 381,000 ppm; carbonate buffer CO3 590,000 ppm; strontium Sr 7,390 ppm; magnesium Mg 1,050 ppm; molybdenum Mo 56 ppm; potassium K 56 ppm; as well as barium Ba , lithium Li , zinc Zn , manganese Mn , beryllium Be , iron Fe , cobalt Co , sulfur S , aluminum Al , selenium Se , bromine Br and boron B.

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