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biOrb Mega or Baby Aquarium Kits with Lights
biOrb Mega or Baby Aquarium Kits with Lights
Form and function come together in these easy to set up, stylish aquarium kits. Made of crystal clear acrylic, ten times stronger than glass! The kits are so complete all you have to do is add water and fish!.
Style # 2297066A

biOrb Mega Aquarium Kit with Light This tank's 16 gallon volume is only 2 0 in diameter Comes with a patented 5 stage filtration system with easy maintenance. The Mega can also be converted into a tropical aquarium. Included 8 gallon biOrb bowl halogen light bio media gravel filter air pump water chemicals instruction booklet fish food Baby biOrb Aquarium Kit with Light Baby biOrb has all the features and benefits of the larger biOrb in a more compact size. Perfect for small spaces like children's rooms or desktops. Suitable for small breeds of fish such as minnows cold water and platys or guppies tropical. Includes 4 gallon biOrb bowl halogen light air pump plug top 12V transformer ceramic media filter cartridge bubble tube airstone tap water treatment fish food.

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SeaClear Scratch Kit for Acrylic Aquariums
Kit acrylic
Use to rub out everything from surface marks to deep scratches. Includes 2 types of polish and fine-grain sandpaper.
SKU # 5052055
Prefilters for SeaClear System II Aquariums
Seaclear system
This Prefilter material traps debris and large particulate matter in aquarium water before it goes on to be biologically and chemically filtered.
SKU # 5046692
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