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BrownTrout Pet-Themed 2009 Weekly Pocket Planners
BrownTrout Pet Themed 2009 Weekly Pocket Planners
Choose from a wide selection of full color 2009 weekly pocket planners that feature a variety of pet themes. Perfect way to stay organized!.
Style # 2297066A

These softbound pet themed weekly pocket planners are ideal for easy and portable planning. They fold into a small and light 3.5 x 6 size slightly larger than a checkbook and open to a 7 x 6 spread. Weekly planner pages run Sunday through Saturday. Perfect for making appointments, reminders and everyday scheduling. Available in the following themes Beagle For a long time Beagles lived in packs, so it is natural that they would want to be with people and other dogs. Thanks to its hunting heritage, the beagle is always sniffing for something. Gentle, lovable, clever, and curious, they are great companions for any dog lover. This 2009 calendar offers photographs of Beagles at their best. Boston Terrier A uniquely American breed, Boston Terriers possess a friendly, cheerful disposition. These dogs adapt easily to city or country living. Highly intelligent and playful, the Boston Terrier is a loving and devoted friend. This 2009 calendar shows off the fun loving and quizzical sides of these bull faced canines. Boxer Boxers show their emotions through the many expressions on their faces. The Boxer was originally bred as a working dog in Germany. An intelligent, strong dog, he is also playful, patient and devoted to their owner. Enjoy this amazing breed with this 2009 calendar. Cat Lovers As any cat lover will tell you, there is nothing more relaxing than curling up on a sofa with a warm cat on your lap. These intelligent, curious, and independent animals with their soft fur bring love and joy to a home. This 2009 calendar is ideal for any admirer of cats. Chihuahua Forget small the Chihuahua is tiny Adorable and sassy, this dog is filled with personality and has an interesting history dating back to the Aztecs. A year of charming Chihuahuas grace this diminutive 2009 calendar. Dachshund A small, long dog with floppy ears, the Dachshund is full of personality. Bred in G.

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BrownTrout Puppies Mini 2009 Wall Calendars
Browntrout puppies mini
Choose from a wide selection of full-color 2009 square mini wall calendars that feature cute and cuddly puppies in a variety of breeds. Perfect for the office, at home or as a gift for pet lovers .
SKU # 5133386
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