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Booda Dome Covered Litter Box
Booda Dome Covered Litter Box
An innovative litterbox design that fits into any room. Offers your cat privacy and provides the odor control all cat owners are looking for.
Style # 2297066A

The Booda entrance measures 7 5/8. Includes one charcoal filter and one litter liner. Booda® Litter Box Charcoal Filters tm The activated charcoal filter is hidden in the dome top for outstanding odor control. You won't see it, but you'll know it's working to keep the litter area fresh. To replace the filter, remove the dome cover and place upside down. Open the louvered filter cover, insert one filter, and snap closed. Replace filter every six months or as needed. Do not wash or wet filters. Replacement filters sold separately come in packs of 2. The Booda® Jumbo Litter Scoop sold separately includes a patented Bacterial Containment Reservoir which protects your hands from contact with the clumps picked up in the scoop. Colors available to match any Booda Litter Box.

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Spearmint Fresh N' Floss
Spearmint floss
Your dog will love this minty fresh rope bone The rope will offer natural flossing action while your dog is playing and the added mint-flavored strings will help with his breath.
SKU # 5095449
Plush Hot Dog and Hamburger Toys by Booda
Plush hot dog hamburger toys
Hot diggity dog No pooch can resist the lure of these Plush Hot Dog Toys, dressed up with all the fixings and ready for fun .
SKU # 1813238
Silky Catnip Toys
Silky toys
Silky soft plush toys infused with a burst of catnip fragrance. Collect them all for maximum kitty fun.
SKU # 5019322
Booda Plush Leopard Bone for Puppies
Bone puppies
Soft on the outside and squeaky on the inside, this bone is an easy target for a puppy shakedown .
SKU # 5109109
Booda Medium Soft Bite Plush Carrot
Medium soft
Dogs sit up and beg for this mouthwatering plush toy .
SKU # 1813309
Booda Steak Flavor Yummy Rope Bone
Rope bone
Great interactive fun for you and your dog. Allow your dog to play while cleaning his teeth and gums. Made of durable cotton blend. Fun, shape with 2 knots makes for great gnawing .
SKU # 5095447
Booda Dome Litter Box Charcoal Filters
Dome litter box charcoal filters
Two replacement filters for Booda Dome Clean Step litter boxes.
SKU # 5080927
Soft Bite Catnip Mice, Small 6 Pk
Soft bite catnip
Choose your catAs favorite texture in these soft bite mice infused with catnip scent.
SKU # 5019311
Booda&reg Smacklepuffs(tm) Smokin' Bacon Flavor Dog Treats
Amp reg smacklepuffs smokin
Light and crunchy treats that are low and fat and calories, and are easy to chew and digest.
SKU # 5110416
Booda Dome Liners 12 ct
Dome liners
These heavy duty liners are a sanitary solution to keeping your kitty's litter box fresh.
SKU # 5018023
Booda Swat N' Swing Cat Toy
Swat swing
A swinging good time for your kitty.
SKU # 5082076
Booda Nummies Cheesy Cheddar Flavor Dog Treats
Nummies cheesy cheddar flavor dog treats
Light and crunchy treats that are low and fat and calories, and are easy to chew and digest.
SKU # 5110415
Soft Bite Mice 12 pack by Booda
Soft bite mice
A simple toy that will play with your cat's natural instincts.
SKU # 5082038
DogZilla Dumbbell Toy
Dumbbell toy
Dogzilla is packed with protein, which your dog can taste this is a mouth-watering toy It also combines the smell of protein and the scent of vanilla to make this rubber toy a real treat .
SKU # 5122325
Scoop n' Hide Litter Scoop
Scoop hide litter scoop
Finally A way to keep the litter scoop both handy and hidden. Durable scoop works with all types of litter.
SKU # 5064783
Booda Smacklepuffs Chicken Quesadilla Flavor Dog Treats
Dog treats
Light and crunchy treats that are low and fat and calories, and are easy to chew and digest.
SKU # 5110412
Softbite Catnip Mice, Large 3 Pk
Softbite catnip
Choose your cat's favorite texture in these soft bite mice infused with catnip scent.
SKU # 5019332
Booda Tuff Plush Long Friends
Tuff plush long friends
Designed to be three times stronger than a regular plush toy, these long friends are fun to cuddle, shake, toss, or chew.
SKU # 5124341
Booda Soft Bite Terry Cloth Dog Toys
Dog toys
Perfect for the pooch who loves to tug on towels, these plush pals are made of terry cloth for easy gripping.
SKU # 1815870
Softbite Flexible Discs
Softbite flexible discs
Durable nylon with a soft rim is easy to throw, catch and carry. Bright colors are easy to spot.
SKU # 1811919
Skins Plush Bones Dog Toys
Skins plush
These plush bones take a walk on the wild side with fun animal skin prints. Select items on clearance.
SKU # 5020130
Booda Multicolor Ring Tug Dog Toy - Large
Multicolor ring tug
Sturdy, high quality rubber handled rope toy for large dogs provides interactive fun and promotes good dental hygiene.
SKU # 5095508
Booda Skins Plush Ball Dog Toys
Dog toys
Fuzzy giraffe and leopard patterned balls make your pup feel like the king of the savannah ('cause lions don't live in the jungle).
SKU # 5020139
Booda&reg Nummies(tm) Peanut Butter Crunch Flavor Dog Treats
Amp reg nummies peanut butter crunch flavor dog treats
Light and crunchy treats that are low and fat and calories, and are easy to chew and digest.
SKU # 5110414
Booda Fresh N' Floss 2 Knot Bone - Spearmint
Fresh floss
With this revolutionary toy you can finally get your dog to floss These fresh-tasting, one-of-a-kind rope bones contain actual dental floss twisted in with all-natural cotton fibers. In addition, the BOODA Fresh N' Floss contains baking soda and.
SKU # 5095574
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