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12V Transformer for biOrb
12V Transformer for biOrb
AC transformer has two din sockets.
Style # 2297066A

AC transformer has two din sockets. Either socket can be used for the halogen light wire plug or the air pump wire plug as both sockets are interchangeable. The LED light if used in place of the halogen light can be plugged into either socket.

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biOrb and biUbe Cleaning Pads
Biube pads
These special cleaning cloths have a smooth side for regular cleaning and a rough side for really tough algae marks.
SKU # 5112251
biOrb and biUbe Halogen Light Bulb
Light bulb
Special 10W halogen bulb produced to Reef Ones specification and filled with xenon gas to double its lifetime.
SKU # 5112252
biOrb and biUbe Ceramic Media
Biube media
Placed in the base of the aquarium to act as the biological filter providing surface area for bacteria colonization.
SKU # 5112262
Biorb and Biube 12V Air Pump
Biube air
Air pump provides the bubbly supply that powers the filter system and assists with oxygen diffusion in the aquarium.
SKU # 5112253
biOrb Winter Fern Aquarium Plants
Winter fern
A two-pack of medium-sized Winter Fern plastic plants that have a ceramic weight to keep them grounded in your aquarium.
SKU # 5131310
biOrb Pink Plastic Aquarium Plants
Pink plastic aquarium plants
A two-pack of pink, medium-sized plastic plants that have a ceramic weight to keep them grounded in your aquarium.
SKU # 5131245
SeaClear Multicolor Rock with Springer Bush
Seaclear multicolor rock
Earthtone Sculptures combine the appearance of natural rock with the safety of synthetic materials.
SKU # 5123935
biOrb and biUbe Tropical Heater
Biube tropical
Used to convert your coldwater aquarium to tropical.
SKU # 5112261
One-Way Valve for Biorb and Biube
One way
Keep water from backing up in your air pump. This valve allows air or liquids to flow in one direction.
SKU # 5112263
biOrb Purple Plant Ball
Purple plant
Simply drop this purple decorative plant ball into your biOrb, or any aquarium, to add instant interest.
SKU # 5131247
Plant Ring for biUbe and biOrb Aquariums
Ring biube
Reef-One Plant Ring is a quick and easy way to decorate your aquarium.
SKU # 5116019
biOrb and biUbe Cleaner Pump
Biube cleaner pump
The easiest way of getting water in and out of your biOrb The powerful cleaner pump sucks dirt and debris straight out of the base of your biOrb.
SKU # 5112264
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