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All Natural Pig Skin Bones
All Natural Pig Skin Bones
Looks like rawhide, tastes like a pig's ear. It must be a Piggy Bone! Your dog will love them.
Style # 2297066A

The newest twist on rawhide, these bone shaped pig skins are sure to be a favorite with your dog and with you. More easily digestible than rawhide, Piggy Bones have less grease, last longer, and contain no preservatives. Chews Wisely Chew products can be used safely and are an important component of a pet's dental care. Chew products also satisfy a dog's natural inclination for gnawing and chewing. When selecting a chew product for your pet, know your pet's chewing habits and make sure the product is the appropriate size and made of an appropriate material or ingredient. For example, a large dog that has a tendency to chew and swallow large pieces should only be offered a large bone with medium to hard density that is digestible. Likewise, a small dog or puppy should also be offered size appropriate chews that are of a softer material. Pet parents should always observe their pets when offered a new chew for the first time. If the pet is able to chew off and swallow large pieces, that chew is not appropriate for that pet. Pet parents should monitor what and how their pets chew regardless of the type or brand of chew or toy. It is possible for a pet to choke on anything that is swallowed whole.

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Dentley's Chew Rawhide Flips
Dentley chew rawhide flips
One or two full pounds of high-protein, fun-to-chew rawhide flips.
SKU # 5032245
BeefEaters Porkhide Piggy Twists
Porkhide twists
In a recent survey taken at my house, dogs prefer oven roasted porkhide twists to my cooking.
SKU # 5010814
New Beefeaters Rawhide Chicken Tops Bones
New rawhide chicken
Highest quality rawhide bones with 100% chicken breast. Satisfies the urge to chew, topped off with a tasty chicken flavor Great for medium to large sized dogs.
SKU # 5112837
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Dog Treats
Chicken tops
High quality rawhide and 100% natural chicken breast makes for an excellent, tasty combination .
SKU # 5112850
Munchy Cuisine Crunchy Rawhide Sticks from Beefeaters
Crunchy rawhide
Munchy rawhide sticks in savory chicken flavors soften easily for light chewers or senior dogs.
SKU # 5034460
Dentley's Bulk Rawhide
Dentley rawhide
You and your dog will both appreciate the many choices we have available in this Dentley's Bulk Rawhide 30 pack. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5034814
Chunky Rawhide Chips
Chunky rawhide
Chunky Chips. The thickest rawhide chips we've seen .
SKU # 5034879
Beefeaters Jerky Stix Dog Treats
Stix dog
Beefeaters Jerky Stix satisfy your dog's craving for meat and his natural urge to chew. Basted in real meat juices for long lasting flavor. Beefeaters is dedicated to bringing you quality products that your dog will love.
SKU # 5032171
Piggy Twists from Petrapport
Piggy petrapport
These treats offer a great, smoky pork flavor in an easy to digest stick form.
SKU # 5034688
Bulk Rawhide Bones
Bulk rawhide bones
Bulk Rawhide Bones Made from top quality beefhides. A terrific value .
SKU # 5034684
Knotless Rawhide Bones by Beefeaters
Knotless rawhide bones
Extra-thick rawhide is rolled in tight layers to create a chew to satisfy the biggest dogs and toughest chewers.
SKU # 5034818
Beefeaters Jerky Stix 3 oz. Size
Stix size
Beefeaters Jerky Stix satisfy your dog's craving for meat and his natural urge to chew. Basted in real meat juices for long lasting flavor. Beefeaters is dedicated to bringing you quality products that your dog will love.
SKU # 5032180
Beefeaters Freeze-Dried Liver Treats
Freeze dried liver treats
Great training aid. Available in beef, chicken or lamb.
SKU # 5032170
Beefeaters Chew Rawhide Sticks
Chew sticks
These oven-baked chew sticks come in several flavors to suit every dog.
SKU # 5063554
Freeze Dried Natural Cat Treats
Cat treats
These 100% pure fillets are freeze dried for freshness and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or additives.
SKU # 5123643
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