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Bamboo CatFisher(tm) Cat Toys
Bamboo CatFisher(tm) Cat Toys
Stimulate your inquisitive cat's mind and supply hours of fun and entertainment. Select items on clearance.
Style # 2297066A

Cats are naturally curious and seemingly find adventure around every corner. Bamboo's® cat toys are designed to stimulate the inquisitive cat mind and supply hours of entertainment. CatFisher® Bobber With a weighted bobber, spring steel hook, and a dangling catnip filled mouse lure, cats will jump at the chance to play with this toy. No matter how quick and agile the swatting cat may be, the CatFisher Bobber always returns to the upright position. Measures 10 H. CatFisher® Rod & Reel With a true to life casting reel featuring two catnip scented mouse lure , the CatFisher Rod & Reel turns cat lovers into cat fishermen, letting them cast their reels up to 40 feet from the comfort of their own sofa. Rod is collapsible for easy storage and contains a mini tackle box in the handle that holds a second, catnip scented mouse lure. Measures 22 11 ½ long folded. CatFisher® Mouse Mitt Comfortable canvas glove protects hands from scratches and nips, while four detachable, catnip scented mice lures drive cats wild. Special elastic lines in each finger promote a fishing frenzy as cats tug and pull each lure up to 12. Glove and fits most hands. Measures 12.5 L. Mouse lures are detachable and work with all CatFisher toys.

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Bamboo Dematting Rake
Dematting rake
Keep your dog's coat looking in top condition.
SKU # 5081524
Guillotine Nail Trimmer
Guillotine nail
A quick, easy solution for controlling kitty's claws.
SKU # 5081648
Bamboo Rotating Medium/Coarse Tooth Comb
Rotating medium coarse
The rotating tines of this comb reduce snags when grooming your pet.
SKU # 5107369
Bamboo Feed & Toss Dog Bowls
Toss dog
These dog bowls make feeding clean and easy. Disposable liners (sold separately) snap into this sturdy and attractive base.
SKU # 5122608
Shedding Blade by Bamboo
Shedding blade
Fully adjustable shedding blade to keep your pet looking beautiful.
SKU # 5081489
Feed & Toss 12 oz. Single Cat Bowl
Feed amp toss
A pet bowl that features convenience, cleanliness and healthy benefits Introducing the Feed + Toss Disposable Bowl System: the perfect solution to messy pet bowls Just fill, feed and throw away no more messy dishes to wash .
SKU # 5121339
Bamboo Small Dog Slicker/Bristle Brush & Combs
Slicker bristle
Whether your small dog has a long coat, medium coat or double coat, this 4-in-1 grooming set does it all.
SKU # 5107670
Bamboo Slicker Brush
Slicker brush
Grooming your pet is now even easier thanks to Bamboo's wide selection of high quality grooming tools. Several tools to choose from, depending on your pet's grooming needs. Each item sold separately.
SKU # 5081520
Bamboo Combat Extreme Toss n' Pull Dog Toy
Combat extreme toss
The Combat Extreme has been battle-tested by real dogs to ensure it can withstand the most rigorous play.
SKU # 5081536
Styptic Powder 2-pack
Styptic powder
This convenient styptic powder dispenser includes an applicator cap for easy, no-mess use and nail file to remove burrs. Fits all Bamboo clippers.
SKU # 5081484
Bamboo Quick Control(tm) Dog Collar + Built-in Leash
Quick control
The dog collar with a patented, integrated, and retractable leash.
SKU # 5104878
Bamboo Combat Extreme Bone Tug Dog Toy
Combat extreme bone
The Combat Extreme has been battle-tested by real dogs to ensure it can withstand the most rigorous play.
SKU # 5081538
Bamboo Feed & Toss Liners
Amp toss
Never clean a pet food bowl again .
SKU # 5122623
Bamboo Feed & Toss 12 oz. Double Dog Bowl
Feed amp toss
These dog food and water bowls make feeding clean and easy. base.
SKU # 5122620
Bamboo Nail Clipper
Nail clipper
An easy way to keep your pet's paws looking prime.
SKU # 5081521
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