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Easy Turn Stake
Easy Turn Stake
18 tie out stake.
Style # 2297066A

An easy way to anchor your pet. This tie out stake can hold up to 100 lbs. It installs easy into many different soils. Solid steel shaft.

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Light Pink Signature Harness by Aspen
Signature harness
In this harness, your pet will be pretty in pink.
SKU # 5117209
Pink Shimmer Signature Dog Harness
Pink shimmer
Your pet will shimmer as she shimmies in this pink harness.
SKU # 5117284
Pink Stripe Signature Dog Harness
Signature dog
Your pet will be the pot of gold at the end of this pink rainbow.
SKU # 5117282
Red Mountain Lead
Red lead
A tough lead for tough terrain .
SKU # 5121985
Pink Mountain Lead
Pink mountain
A tough lead for tough terrain .
SKU # 5121986
Walkabout Retractable Leash by Aspen Pet
Walkabout retractable
Walks are more fun for both your and your dog with the Walkabout Retractable Leash. Helps you maintain control while the dog enjoys a feeling of freedom.
SKU # 5014763
Wide Webbed Retractable Lead
Wide webbed
This wide-webbed retractable leash is engineered to last. Features a sure-grip cushioned handles, super strong wide webbed lead and ultra-smooth operation.
SKU # 5121480
Walkabout Web Wide Webbed Retractable Leash
Retractable leash
Super strong wide webbed retractable leash with ultra smooth operation is all you'll ever need.
SKU # 5093298
Plush Hedgehog Toy for Puppies
Hedgehog toy
Soft on the outside and squeaky on the inside, this hedgehog is an easy target for a puppy shakedown .
SKU # 5109263
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