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Aquarium Systems Fancy Plants - Giant Bamboo
Aquarium Systems Fancy Plants Giant Bamboo
Provide vertical and horizontal floating habitats with a single plant.
Style # 2297066A

Fancy Plants Giant Bamboo. Ultra lush plants together in bunches as plants grow in nature. Suitable for use in fresh or saltwater aquariums, outdoor ponds, or terrariums. The Giant Bamboo plant provides vertical and horizontal floating habitats with a single plant.

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Seagarden Aquarium Dictyota Verde -- Tall
Seagarden aquarium dictyota
Turn your aquarium into a work of art .
SKU # 5067142
Seaclone Protein Skimmer from Aquarium Systems
For saltwater aquariums.
SKU # 5047873
SeaGarden Red and Yellow Anemone Reefscape
Yellow anemone
A nem o ne. Uh-nem-uh-nee. Either way, this is great looking night light for any fish scared of the dark.
SKU # 5096358
Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer by Aquarium Systems
Visi jet protein
The Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer is an important component of a total filtration system.
SKU # 5036228
Duetto Filter Accessories by Aquarium Systems
Duetto filter
Replacement accessories for use with the versatile Duetto Multi-Filter.
SKU # 5036475
SeaGarden Caulerpa Mexicana Aquarium Plant
Aquarium plant
A faithfully detailed, uniquely lifelike replica for your aquarium.
SKU # 5067144
SeaGarden Aquarium Plants, Acetabularia calyculus
Seagarden aquarium plants
These incredibly realistic silk copies of the world's sea and ocean plants will allow you to create natural-looking groupings in your marine or freshwater aquarium.
SKU # 5011817
Aquarium Systems Fancy Plants Philodendron Vine
Philodendron vine
Natural-looking plastic aquarium plant provides immediate shelter and protection for fish and reptiles.
SKU # 5036182
Reef Crystals Reef Salt
Crystals reef
Contains elements, vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy shells.
SKU # 5036224
Instant Ocean Synthetic Sea Salt for Saltwater Fish Tanks
Instant ocean synthetic
Especially for a saltwater fish tanks. Provides clear solution in minutes and reaches proper pH quickly. 50 gallon bag.
SKU # 5006506
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