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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrite Test Kit
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrite Test Kit
Quickly & accurately measures the level of nitrite in pond water, reading levels from 0 ppm to 5 ppm. Makes 180 tests.
Style # 2297066A

Koi and goldfish excrete ammonia from their gills. Urine and solid fish waste breakdown into ammonia. Decaying plants and algae also release ammonia into the pond. Uneaten fish food will also decompose and release ammonia into the pond. Ammonia is converted to nitrite by nitrifying bacteria in biological filtration. Nitrite is very toxic to fish. Nitrite is absorbed by the fish Once in the bloodstream nitrite binds to hemoglobin and prevents the blood from carrying oxygen. This prevents normal gas exchange across the gills. Fish will become weak and susceptible to a variety of diseases. Eventually fish will die from oxygen starvation. It is impossible to see or smell nitrite in pond water. The only way to know if ammonia is present in the pond is with a nitrite test kit. Use the Pond Care Liquid Nitrite Test Kit to accurately measure the nitrite level in ponds and water gardens. Directions for Use Read thoroughly before testing. Do not allow test solutions to get into the pond. To remove childproof safety cap With one hand, push red tab left with thumb while unscrewing cap with free hand. Fill a clean test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested to the line on the tube. Add 5 drops of Nitrite Test Solution, holding dropper bottle upside down in a completely vertical position to assure uniformity of drops added to the water sample. Cap the test tube and shake the tube for 5 seconds. Do not hold finger over the open end of the tube, as this may affect test results. Wait five minutes for the color to develop. Read the test results by matching the color of the solution against those on the Nitrite Test Color Chart. The tube should be viewed against the white area beside the color chart. Color comparisons are best made in a well lit area. The closest match indicates the ppm mg/L of nitrite in the water sample. Rinse the test tube with clean water after each use.

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Pond Stress Coat from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Pond stress
A unique water conditioner for use when setting up a pond, adding fish or changing pond water. Contains aloe vera to help heal torn fins and skin abrasions.
SKU # 2031276
Rena Air Pumps
Rena air
Silent, yet powerful air pumps feature noise suppression chambers, long-lasting diaphragm, and a unique precision locking base.
SKU # 1833583
Rena FilStar Phos-Zorb
Rena filstar
Removes phosphate and silicate in fresh and saltwater aquariums. in a convenient, ready-to-use pouch. Improves water quality by removing unwanted contaminants.
SKU # 5036848
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Research Grade Super Activated Carbon
Research grade
Highest quality activated carbon removes toxic organic substances, odors & colors from fresh and saltwater aquariums.
SKU # 5036798
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PimaFix
Treats fungal infections and both internal and external bacterial infections. Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water. Safe for reef aquariums and live plants.
SKU # 5082750
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Proper pH
Automatically set & stabilize your aquarium pH . Remove chlorine & detoxify heavy metals.
SKU # 2031302
Rena FilStar Super Activated Carbon
Super activated
Removes dissolved organics, odors, colors, and toxins. Will not raise phosphate levels or affect pH. In a convenient ready-to-use pouch.
SKU # 5036843
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Coat
Stress coat
Replace the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress. Neutralize chlorine & heavy metals in tap water.
SKU # 2031114
Pond Care AlgaeFix?
Pond care algaefix
Controls many types of algae in ponds containing live plants and fish.
SKU # 5032429
PondCare Aquatic Plant Food Tablets
Pondcare aquatic plant
Potted plant fertilizer contains essential nutrients and iron for lush green growth and stimulates beautiful blooms all season long.
SKU # 2031336
Safe & Easy(tm) Aquarium Wipes
Safe amp easy
Cleans and forms an invisible protective barrier to reduce aquarium maintenance. Safe for use with all fish or plants.
SKU # 5103650
Rena FilStar Nitra-Zorb
Rena filstar nitra zorb
Removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from fresh water. In a convenient, ready-to-use rechargeable pouch. Protects against ammonia and nitrite surges.
SKU # 5036869
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Conditioner
Tap water
Works instantly to detoxify heave metals, remove chlorine and break the chloramine bond in tap water.
SKU # 5037458
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Water Softener Pillow
Water softener pillow
A convenient, long-lasting way to remove calcium, magnesium and soluble heavy metal ions from aquarium water. Fully rechargeable.
SKU # 1933161
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Safe & Easy Aquarium Spray Cleaner
Safe amp easy
Use to clean glass or acrylic aquariums, hoods, filters, frames and stands. Cuts through the white crusty mineral deposits all over the aquarium. Convenient bottle with spray trigger. Just spray on and wipe off. Non-toxic to fresh and saltwater fish. Come
SKU # 2031133
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Vitamin and Mineral Pyramid
Vitamin mineral pyramid
Provides controlled amounts of supplemental vitamins & minerals in a slow-release block. Won't affect pH of aquarium water.
SKU # 2031140
Rena FilStar Zeolite Ammonia Remover
Zeolite ammonia
Removes deadly ammonia. Convenient, ready-to-use rechargeable pouch. Protects against ammonia surges in freshwater aquariums.
SKU # 5036864
Aquatic Planting Media
Aquatic planting media
A unique blend of all-natural Zeolite and Arcillite. Does not contain peat moss or compost. Securely anchors plants into the pot. Will not float or cloud the pond water when plants are moved, fertilized, or disturbed by fish. Will not clog filters and pum
SKU # 5108525
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Wide Range pH Test Kit
Test kit
Quickly and accurately measures the pH of pond water, reading pH levels from 5.0 to 9.0. Makes 160 tests.
SKU # 2031254
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Zyme
Stress zyme
Improve the development of your biological filter & help maintain a naturally balanced aquarium.
SKU # 5016476
Pond Algae Destroyer from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Pond algae destroyer
An EPA-registered algaecide that effectively controls the growth of unsightly green and brown algae in freshwater aquariums containing fish and plants.
SKU # 2031364
Rena FilStar Water Softener Pillow
Rena filstar water
Reduces GH and maintains soft water. In a convenient, ready-to-use pouch. Completely rechargeable.
SKU # 5036886
Spring-Autumn Pond Food by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Specially formulated pond food for use when the pond water is from 42-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
SKU # 1031518
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit
Saltwater liquid
Tests saltwater aquariums for 4 important water conditions: high range pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
SKU # 2031367
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond Salt
Pond salt
All-natural salt provides essential electrolytes fish need to survive. Made from evaporated sea water.
SKU # 2031269
Pond Care Polyester Pre-Filter Pads for Ponds
Polyester pre
Replacement pads for the Pond Care submersible filter. Pads have two distinct layers of non-woven polyester. The first layer removes coarse debris, such as plant fragments, uneaten fish food, and leaves. The second ultra-fine layer traps suspended soil pa
SKU # 5038063
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond-Zyme Plus
Pond zyme plus
Cleans and clarifies pond water with seven strains of beneficial bacteria. Maintains sparkling clean water gardens.
SKU # 2031275
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Phos-Zorb
Phos zorb
Easy-to-use pouches contain a specialized synthetic absorption filtration medium that removes phosphate and silicate from fresh and saltwater aquariums. Treats up to 55 gallons.
SKU # 5037454
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Professional Grade Activated Carbon
Professional grade activated carbon
High-quality carbon keeps aquarium water crystal clear. Good pore distribution allows for complete filtration.
SKU # 5036844
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond Care Eco-Fix
Pond care
Highly active strains of beneficial bacteria reduce organic pollution, increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen and maintain a healthy ecosystem, leaving pond water crystal clear.
SKU # 5020361
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