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Andis AGC Two-Speed Heavy Duty Dog Clipper
Andis AGC Two Speed Heavy Duty Dog Clipper
Dual speed clipper handles even heavy coats. Includes #10 blade.
Style # 2297066A

This two speed clipper is great for all around grooming. Use Low speed for everyday use and high speed is 25% faster to cut heavy coats. Sealed motor is cool and quiet and doesn't need an air vent. Maintenance free. Blades detach for easy changing and cleaning, and locking blade hinge keeps them secure. High carbon steel. #10 Blade included that cuts 1/16 1.5mm. This is the ideal clipper if you choose to shave your dog.

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Andis Pro Dog Clipper Kit
Pro dog clipper kit
This complete gromming kit is perfect for complete home grooming of dogs of all types.
SKU # 5052323
Andis QuietAire Dryer with Stand
Quietaire dryer stand
This 1875-watt dryer is designed with twin fans and unique noise reduction channels so it won't startle pets or make them nervous.
SKU # 5095801
Andis Power Trim Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer D-4
Cordless rechargeable
Convenient, cordless trimmer is fully rechargeable and features stainless steel blades for precision trimming and professional results in the comfort of your own home.
SKU # 5102823
Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Animal Clipper
Ultraedge agc super
Professional 2-speed small animal clipper with a detachable size 10 UltraEdge blade operates quietly and is completely maintenance-free. Ideal for do-it-yourself groomers and professional groomers alike.
SKU # 5102824
Andis Super Deluxe Dog Clipper
Deluxe dog
A high-power clipper with 4 times the power of a comparable magnetic motor clipper. Kit includes 8 attachment combs, finishing shears, how-to video and more.
SKU # 5051407
Andis Cool Care Plus
Cool care plus
Cool Care Plus is a 5 in 1 spray to cool, disinfect, lubricate, clean and prevent rust on clipper blades.
SKU # 5058844
Andis Safe-T-Light Illuminating Trimmer
Illuminating trimmer
The first illuminating animal trimmer has dual beam LED's for safer, more precise trimming in dark, hard-to-see areas. Perfect for shaping and trimming around paws and ears.
SKU # 5132663
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