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Deluxe Fluorescent Aquarium Hoods
Deluxe Fluorescent Aquarium Hoods
Provides excellent aquarium lighting and full coverage for the top of the tank. Includes fluorescent bulb.
Style # 2297066A

Newly designed for a more attractive look, these Deluxe Fluorescent hoods provide high output aquarium lighting; fluorescent bulb included. Their full coverage design helps to reduce water evaporation and contamination and keep fish from jumping out. A full length door provides roomy access in the front, and cut out sections in the rear allow installation of heaters, power filters and other popular accessories. Some assembly required. Construction Features Quality Assurance Every All Glass aquarium is checked and rechecked through each stage on the assembly line. Our quality assurance tags tell you to count on All Glass. Aluminum Reflectors Included on 36 and 48 single tube and twin tube strip lites are polished aluminum reflectors that distribute light more evenly on your aquarium setup. Super Flex Hinge All Glass Versa Tops use a dual durometer hinge for an easy opening top. Fluorescent Lights For fluorescent hoods and Strip Lites All Glass lighting fixtures are furnished complete with tubes and self contained ballasts. Also, an instant start circuit is perfect for use with timers or switch controlled outlets. Full Length Doors Each All Glass hood comes with a full length door that allows you roomy front access for feeding your fish. Knockout Rear Panels To accommodate the wide variety of aquarium pumps, filters and accessories All Glass hoods come with rear panels that can be easily notched to fit the accessory you are using. Matching Trim Styles All Glass hoods are available in trim styles specially matched to All Glass aquariums and stands. This creates a nice, finished looking ensemble that adds to any room decor. Sizes 20 = 19 3/8 x 9 3/4 fits most 10, 15H and 20XH gallon tanks 24 = 23 1/8 x 11 1/4 fits most 15, 20H, and 30XH ga.

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