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Outward Hound(tm) Pet-A-Roo Small Pet Carrier
Outward Hound(tm) Pet A Roo Small Pet Carrier
With the Pet A Roo Pet Carrier, you no longer need to leave your beloved pet home alone. Slipon the comfortable carrier in seconds, place your pet in the kangaroo pouch, and off you go for a walk, hiking, shopping, household chores..whatever life require.
Style # 2297066A

Especially designed to accommodate small dogs and cats, but also can be used for rabbits, ferrets and other small pets. Adjustable padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly over your back reducing shoulder stress. Safety leash collar attachment provides added security. Drawstring top. Well ventilated sides. Practical front pocket. Padded bottom for ultimate pet comfort. Tough 600 denier nylon fabric is soft, yet sturdy and durable. Waist strap for added stability and comfort. Color Black Made in China.

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Undercoat Rake
Undercoat rake
Professional tools crafted from stainless steel.
SKU # 5048037
Sesame Street Elmo Aquarium Ornament
Sesame street elmo
This scuba diving Elmo from Sesame Street aquarium ornament is fun for kids and fish alike .
SKU # 5130482
Small Gold-Plated Bone ID Tag
Plated bone
Personalize an ID tag for your pet's safe return.
SKU # 5050534
Yankers Dog Toys
Yankers toys
Very tough and durable canvas toys have been lab tested and proven to withstand nearly one-half ton of pulling strength.
SKU # 5065608
Ty Bow Wow Beanies(tm) Patti Dog Toy
Beanies patti
From the maker of Beanie Babies, comes this plush dog toy, each containing crinkle material and squeaker.
SKU # 5113841
Roudybush Daily Maintenance Diet
Roudybush daily
Roudybush Daily Maintenance is a steam-pelleted diet designed to eliminate harmful bacteria while retaining beneficial nutrients. Use for pet birds year-round and for for those that are not rearing chicks.
SKU # 5135268
Ty Bow Wow Beanies Weenie Dog Toy
Beanies weenie
From the maker of Beanie Babies, comes this plush dog toy, each containing crinkle material and squeaker.
SKU # 5113836
Super Thick Orthopedic Dog Beds by Canine Cushion
Orthopedic dog
Faux sheepskin on one side and soft cotton on the other make this the bed for all seasons.
SKU # 5049943
Personalized 36 inch Round Comfort Dog Bed
Personalized inch round
An island of comfort your dog will enjoy all year long .
SKU # 5051186
Puppy Buddies Dog Toys
Puppy buddies dog toys
Adorable, 3 animals are just the right size for small puppies and toy breeds.
SKU # 5050730
Rachel Hale Cute Kitten Puzzle
Rachel hale cute
Cat lovers young and old will enjoy piecing together this adorable puzzle featuring photography from renowned artist Rachel Hale.
SKU # 5135162
Ruff Dawg Super Tug Dog Toy
Tug dog toy
If tug-o-war is on your dog's list of favorite pastimes, then this is the toy for him .
SKU # 5124346
Snack 21 All-Natural Treats for Cats
Snack natural treats cats
Reward your cat the irresistible flavor of pure, 100% natural dried fish with no additives, preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring.
SKU # 5127916
Rubber Grooming Glove
Rubber glove
Versatile glove can be used dry to remove loose hair, or use when bathing your dog to offer a thorough cleaning and massage.
SKU # 5047850
Soft Claws Nail Caps for Dogs
Soft claws
A quick, simple and safe solution to help stop scratching problems and protect fabric and surfaces from claw damage. Includes 40 clear nail caps and 2 tubes of adhesive.
SKU # 5046655
Video Catnip
Video catnip
Bring the outdoors in and watch your cat as he watches the critters on this tape skitter and scamper in the most entertaining way.
SKU # 3171013
Shedding Tools
Shedding tools
Strips away dead hair on long or short coats.
SKU # 5047851
Ty Bow Wow Beanies(tm) Nuts Dog Toy
Bow wow beanies nuts dog toy
From the maker of Beanie Babies, comes this plush dog toy, each containing crinkle material and squeaker.
SKU # 5113840
The Stick by Ruff Dawg
The stick
Dogs love to chase after sticks. Maybe it's the way they helicopter in the air or maybe its the way sticks fit nicely into their mouths. Whatever the reason, it just got better with The Stick he can take home .
SKU # 5124345
Ty Bow Wow Beanies(tm) Bones Dog Toy
Bow wow beanies
From the maker of Beanie Babies, comes this plush dog toy, each containing crinkle material and squeaker.
SKU # 5113834
Shaker Knit Dog Sweater
Knit dog
Textured Shaker Knit Sweater offers warmth and style. An assortment of classic colors means there's something for every dog. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5051701
Sherpa Crinkler Dog Toys
Crinkler dog
What a great idea Your dog's favorite sheepskin toys with the added sound appeal of crinkle, a rattle and a squeaker.
SKU # 5034656
Vital Nutrition Hip & Joint Formula
Vital nutrition hip
Contains glucosamine and chondroitin, plus complementary vitamins, L-carnitine and proline to help reduce inflammation and increase hip and joint mobility in dogs.
SKU # 5032690
Personalized 52 Inch Round Comfort Dog Bed
Personalized inch round
52 round comfort dog bed.
SKU # 5036226
Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator
Gps dog
Never again worry about losing your dog. Zoombak is a new type of GPS locator that, when attached to your dog's collar, can immediately track their location.
SKU # 5127732
QuickFinder Clippers
Quickfinder clippers
QuickSensor Technology helps you avoid cutting the quick. Red, Yellow and Green lights help you to know when it's: Not safe to cut when to proceed with caution..and when it's safe to clip .
SKU # 5124232
Plush Hide A Toys
Plush hide
The fun and challenging toys that help your dog build puzzle solving skills. This durable long-lasting toy keeps pets occupied and eliminates boredom. Simply insert the squirrels inside the tree for your dog to remove over and over again.
SKU # 5071198
Plush Puppies Egg Babies Dog Toys
Babies dog toys
A whole new idea in dog toys Three squeaky eggs are hidden inside the belly of the plush toy. Perfect for dogs who love to seek and destroy squeakers.
SKU # 5034637
Sofa Scram
Sofa scram
Instantly activated by the touch of a paw, it gets pets off furniture fast.
SKU # 5047729
Super Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed
Super thick
The thickest dog bed we could find, it will give any dog a good night's sleep.
SKU # 5036185
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