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JBJ Nano Cube Deluxe 12 Gallon w/ LED Lighting
JBJ Nano Cube Deluxe 12 Gallon w/ LED Lighting
This self contained fish, reef and planted tank offers an easy solution for hobbyists that demand high tech performance in a miniature environment. It offers a panoramic view with smooth rounded glass corners, the necessary filtration, lighting, and circu
Style # 2297066A

The Deluxe Nano Cube is designed to meet the needs of serious reef enthusiasts. It offers double the light output of the original model, giving your invertebrates and corals a total of 48 watts of intense compact fluorescent illumination. All models come standard with 2 built in cooling fans to dissipate excess heat, a new highly efficient Fulham, UL Approved remote electronic ballast with disconnect cable, and return nozzle for directional flow output. 12 Gallon Glass Cube Offers Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners. The Nano Cube Deluxe offers the ideal dimensions for a mini reef tank that requires depth for proper rock stacking. Built in 3 Stage Filtration Newly redesigned filtration system allows for better surface skimming and more room in the rear for larger pumps for DIY customers. The filtration compartment is hidden in the rear and provides maximum space for tank inhabitants. All models include an output return nozzle for directional flow control. JBJ Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lighting Includes 2 24 watt CF lamps with a durable Fulham, UL Approved remote electronic ballast w/ disconnect cable. Offered with our powerful 50/50 lamps for marine tanks and 6500K daylight for plant tanks. Both lamps include UL Approved German Snap In lamp sockets for easy bulb install and removals. Installed with splash guard lens for lamp protection. The Nano Cube includes 12 Gallon Tank 106 GPH Pump 18W 50/50 Powercompact Light 2 Nite Vu LED Moonlights Integrated 3 Stage Filtration Magnetic Glass Algae Cleaner Surface Skimmer Two 5' Power Cords Manual Manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty. Made in China.

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Undercoat Rake
Undercoat rake
Professional tools crafted from stainless steel.
SKU # 5048037
Sesame Street Elmo Aquarium Ornament
Sesame street elmo
This scuba diving Elmo from Sesame Street aquarium ornament is fun for kids and fish alike .
SKU # 5130482
Juvenile Iguana Monster Diet
Juvenile iguana monster diet
Provides balanced nutrition for young, actively growing iguanas during the most critical of periods.
SKU # 5107323
Small Gold-Plated Bone ID Tag
Plated bone
Personalize an ID tag for your pet's safe return.
SKU # 5050534
Yankers Dog Toys
Yankers toys
Very tough and durable canvas toys have been lab tested and proven to withstand nearly one-half ton of pulling strength.
SKU # 5065608
Monopoly Horse Lovers Edition
Horse lovers
You'll have a gallopin' good time playing this version of the world's most popular board game It makes the perfect gift for horse lovers young and old.
SKU # 5127736
Lambert Kay Fresh 'N Clean Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats & Dogs
Tick shampoo
Dual action kills fleas and ticks fast and the popular Fresh N Clean fragrance is an added bonus.
SKU # 5033979
Ty Bow Wow Beanies(tm) Patti Dog Toy
Beanies patti
From the maker of Beanie Babies, comes this plush dog toy, each containing crinkle material and squeaker.
SKU # 5113841
Roudybush Daily Maintenance Diet
Roudybush daily
Roudybush Daily Maintenance is a steam-pelleted diet designed to eliminate harmful bacteria while retaining beneficial nutrients. Use for pet birds year-round and for for those that are not rearing chicks.
SKU # 5135268
Ty Bow Wow Beanies Weenie Dog Toy
Beanies weenie
From the maker of Beanie Babies, comes this plush dog toy, each containing crinkle material and squeaker.
SKU # 5113836
Super Thick Orthopedic Dog Beds by Canine Cushion
Orthopedic dog
Faux sheepskin on one side and soft cotton on the other make this the bed for all seasons.
SKU # 5049943
Personalized 36 inch Round Comfort Dog Bed
Personalized inch round
An island of comfort your dog will enjoy all year long .
SKU # 5051186
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